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Friday, July 27, 2007


Nothing new happening around here, just more dust and noise, so I thought I'd share some pretty pictures.

I've already introduced our Angel Fish, now meet the Discus! They inhabit our other little underwater world.

The Discus don't really have "official" names like the Angels do, probably because they are newer and also less interactive than the Angels are. Discus are just a bit more sensitive all around, harder to keep in general than Angels are. It certainly took us longer to get their environment just right.

Anyhow, they don't really have names. They just get called silly things like "Mr. Blueberry" or "Mr. Mango". For some reason in our imagination they are all boys and remind us of food. (LOL) But not fish and chips - more like candy or something like that. I think it is their round shape and wacky bright coloring.

The Discus tend to like to eat their food off the bottom. The cool thing is that they don't just swim down at an angle to get the food. Instead they rotate on the spot as if there is some sort of center point in the middle of their bodies. It's hard to describe but really neat to watch. They also change color quite a bit depending on their mood. Like a chameleon. The Angels can blush a bit or turn paler but the Discus can go from gorgeous full blown color to totally black - if they are really unhappy! Fortunately, they seem pretty happy in their tank.



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