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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitting Vows

I've managed to get quite a bit of knitting done despite the chaos going on at the house.

I've got all the squares finished for both of the blankets I've been working on. I even managed to block most of them for my nephews blanket so I may actually get around to putting that together soon. I'm planning on crocheting the edging so that should go fast once I get there. :)

I've even picked up Bizet again & finished up the back & most of the front in only a few days. I've noticed that my knitting has gotten faster in general over the past year. That's good news since the stash has gotten completely out of control. I actually haven't bought any yarn myself for quite awhile but shopping with my mom adds plenty to the stash by itself!

I've also decided that I've got to start knitting some things FOR MYSELF. 99% of my knitting is for others. In fact, I've never finished a major project for myself! It's a real shame since I have scads of really great yarn that I've picked out for projects for myself just lying around and wishing to be knit. But I always put knitting for others ahead of knitting for myself.

Well, no more! Last year I turned over a new leaf in order to control my startitis and avoid the dreaded UFO's. I vowed to maintain a reasonable level of project monogamy & I've done a pretty good job. Amazing how fast things get finished if you actually stick to it! Pretty much everything I have in my UFO pile is from my pre-monogamy days.

So my new vow is to finish up something for myself every time I finish up something for someone else. I think this will be hard for me to stick to but I'm going to really try! I'm going to start with finishing off some things in the UFO pile; Myrtle, my Rowan jacket, Bizet...most of those are this close to being done anyway and it will give me a lot of satisfaction to get them finished and off my guilty conscience. :) Plus they should be rather quick to knock off, thus enabling me to both stick to my new resolution of finishing things for myself, while at the same time foraging ahead with all the Christmas gift knitting I have planned.

After all, my sister is having a baby (didn't tell you that yet did I?) and she will find out on Friday what the gender is. There's no way I can resist the temptation of knitting for a baby!


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