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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jasper Fforde

I sent my Hubbs on a very important mission the other day. Jasper Fforde was in town for a book signing for his latest Thursday Next book "First Among Sequels"! If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I'm a fan (not an official stalker fan but still a fan) & you might remember that Hubbs got me some copies of Jasper's books signed as a present one year. But on the actual day in question I was tired, hot and grumpy, and wasn't really in the mood to go - plus someone had to stay with the kids right? So Hubbs was elected/forced to go in my stead. :)

I suggested that Hubbs take along one of the awesome pens he's been making for a gift for Jasper. Author + book signing = must like a cool pen, right? I have a habit of claiming the coolest pens and keeping them for myself hot off the lathe. The night before I had swiped an awesome acrylic pen - my mostest favoritest pen that Hubbs has made ever. But when I got the idea that we must give Jasper Fforde a pen I knew he had to have that one. Matches the dust jacket art on the British editions of his Thursday Next books - sort of retro and psychedelic. Hubbs wrote a blog entry over at his blog (complete with photos) Beads and Coves, so I won't repeat the whole story here but a great time was had by all and of course Jasper Fforde turned out to be a really cool guy. My daughter reported that he had a funny accent, "but only when he was talking." (LOL)



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