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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Off on an Adventure

Crap, crap, crapity, crap!

I finished the back and front of Bizet only to discover that my gauge was way off. I was two stitches short and two rows short. Somehow, despite the fact that I know I did a gauge swatch before starting this thing - I ended up with a sweater that would have been 50" around and about 5" too short.

Did I mention CRAP!

I don't think I can change my needle size to deal with the problem. I think that would make the resulting fabric too open. So I think I am just going to "unvent" the whole darn thing using the gauge I did get as my guide. Since I know how much off the pattern I was and I know what result I want to get, I THINK I can do the math and use the pattern more as a guide rather than following it strictly.

I may be crazy but I think it will work. I ripped out the whole darn thing and cast right back on before I could wake up tomorrow doubting myself.

So - I'm off on a big knitting adventure, hoping that my experience knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman style will make it all work out in the end. Wish me luck!!



Blogger Gill said...

I decided to knit this sweater too but in circular form therefore add front and back stitch numbers together minus 4 stitches (for the seams). Knit the moss stitch band and fortunately realised that it's way way to big ie my husband and myself could have fitted in it.

If you have the Colinette Cadenza booklet and look at the Debussy sweater that tells you to cast on a fraction of the number of stitches but appears far less fitted in the photo.

Think there's a huge mistake somewhere. Colinette is just up the road from me and I'm going to give them a ring next week to ask them about this.


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