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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back Splash Tile

Our back splash tile is finally up. They did the grout today and will come back to seal it tomorrow. These pictures were taken before the grout.

These first two are without the flash.

Now with flash. The true color of the tile is somewhere between the two pictures but I think this at least gives a good idea of what it looks like.

That's all the major design elements up with the exception of the range hood, which should go in tomorrow and the glass in the cabinet doors, which will go in ??

At least Friday is the official end of the job and we will be able to clean up and move back in. I've already got an appointment for cleaning out the duct work. Our a/c has barely been working at all through this past heatwave so that is getting serviced as well. I hope it helps because with this heat the most I have been able to do is lay on the bed and read a book. Today it was 101 degrees and 70% humidity. If I didn't know that the a/c was getting worked on tomorrow I'd probably lose my mind!

We also got to buy a new kitchen table (our old one won't fit and has found a new home) and do some repainting. But probably both of those things will have to wait until it cools off around here!



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