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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Craft Room Update

Finally got some seating for the craft room:

We got a used futon (love those newspaper furniture finds!) because: a)It's cheap but nice, b)It's relatively small to fit in with the space, and c)The room may have to double as a guest room some time in the future.

So now the craft room is slightly closer to being a place where I may actually want to hang out and craft. :) We will be hanging the colorful giraffes painting you can see as well as the rest of my collection of original children's book illustrations. I have lots of Lynn Munsinger's illustrations from the Tacky the Penguin series of books which were written by Helen Lester. You can see some of Lynn Munsinger's artwork here - many of the ones marked SOLD live at my house now. :) I absolutely adore the artwork in children's books. I think it is so underrated. There are so many really talented artist's that choose to work in that genre.** I think it will be so inspiring to knit, sew and just be creative surrounded by these pictures!

But I can't hang any of my pictures until we get the rest of the room together. We have two huge sets of shelves which will be going into the craft room as soon as we save up the money to replace them with the english style library cabinets which I have my eye on. This is what I want to get:

The Garrett Glass Cabinet from Pottery Barn. I need two of them. Not cheap. :(
But they are exactly what I have been looking for (forever!) so I guess we will just have to bite the bullet and buy them. Most book cabinets are just too small and short for what we need. I have a ton of books folks! And I feel like nice books are an investment that should be taken care of - ie. stored in a cabinet rather than on open shelves getting dusty. So - as soon as we get the cabinets the current book shelves will go down to the craft room where they will hold my craft books and patterns and probably this:

The drawer caddy holds all of my knitting tools, needles etc. Those boxes are the "stash overflow". That's all the yarn for the colorwork kits I have bought (two long coats, two jackets) and yarn that I bought from Elann for another jacket plus random skeins which will become hats and such. So you see why I need more shelf room! Especially because:

This is what my stash closet currently looks like. :) Click on the pictures for a closer view...

**(I would love to do a children's book swap over at KTC - what do you think??)


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