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Friday, March 31, 2006

In Which We Spy a Mermaid

Earlier this week there were vague reports of a Mermaids sighting here at my house. However, I refused to post any more about it until I had photographic evidence. At last, today I was able to sneak up on Mermaids while it was sunning itself on a raffia work table. Finally, we have a photo of Mermaids in it's natural habitat:

Apparently Mermaids are a bit like salmon. They return to the place of their birth after spawning. There are reports that more Mermaids may be invading knitting homes all over blogland. Mama-E did a wonderful job of capturing this Mermaid, which was previously thought to live only in my wildest dreams.

Oddly, Mermaids have an intoxicating vinegary smell. Care must be taken not to become addicted to this lovely scent. The unwary may find themselves keeping Mermaids next to their computer so as to have the occasional snort. Not that I'm doing that or anything....


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