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Monday, March 06, 2006

Do you think I'm an Anglophile?

Does anyone know a good book which teaches how to do mitered squares? Is the mitered square technique the same as domino knitting? If not, what is the difference? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I have been curious to learn these techniques. Always looking for something new.

I finished The Perfect Prince. I won't spoil the ending because I know Carrie hasn't read it yet. :) But I can say that the author offers a plausible option to explain who "Perkin" was. It's not a theory I have heard before but it seems to be backed up pretty well with evidence. This story is a true historical mystery and we will never really know what name Perkin was born with but the story of his life was fascinating! I enjoyed reading about the various courts of Europe that he moved through. It was a good perspective on the European scene at the time of the early Tudors. In some ways this book read more like a novel but that seemed to fit with the somewhat dreamlike surreality that surrounded Perkin - the style of story telling didn't take away from it's scholarly weight in any way though. If you are into British history then you will probably really like this book.

I did come away from the reading with even more of a desire to learn more about Henry's Queen Elizabeth. Who was she?? She really comes off as a cipher in the history books. How did she feel about her marriage to Henry Tudor? What about her relationship with her mother Elizabeth Woodville? What about her brothers who disappeared in the Tower? What about the rumors marriage to her uncle Richard III? How did she feel about Perkin Warbeck, the suddenly reappeared long lost brother? What about her relationship with the formidable Margaret Beaufort, her mother-in-law? And what about her influence on her son Henry VIII? I really hope someone will write a good book about Elizabeth. She was situated at the intersection of so many interesting people, stories and events. How could her life fail to be anything but fascinating?

I started a new book about Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of one of my other favorite Kings Edward IV. Her story is just slightly earlier than The Perfect Prince (indeed she was still living during those events) so I am continuing in the same vein. When I read an interesting story I tend to want to keep exploring the same type of thing - hence my current Tudors reading jag. :) I'm also psyched because a new book just came out about Anne Neville, Richard III's Queen. Can't wait to get that one!

My Elizabeth Woodville book came all the way from England courtesy of my sister. For my birthday she bought me a bunch of books that I wanted which aren't published in the USA. I also got books about Lizzie Siddal, the 8th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Bess of Hardwick, Prince Eddy and one about the Wars of the Roses and the Paston family. Do you think this means I am an Anglophile?? ;)


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