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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bookish and KTCish News

Hooray! We're doing another swap over at Knit the Classics. I would have thought that KTCers were all swapped out after the last couple of swaps but heck no! Sue suggested an April Fool's Day Swap which by majority rule turned into a Mystery Book Swap. I truly love the members of KTC - they are always full of great ideas and creative projects. :)

I'm totally psyched about this one and I already have the book I'm going to send all picked out. It will be Donna Tartt's The Little Friend. This book quite possibly isn't what one would normally think of as a "mystery" book. But there is a mystery which is central to the plot - however, as whole, this book is so much more. I thought there were strong echoes of To Kill a Mockingbird and I really found myself identifying with the little girl at the center of both books. And both books were ones which I continued to think about and mull over well after I finished reading them. That's my personal litmus test for what makes a book a classic.

So I'm happy that I will get a chance to share this great book AND I'm happy I get a chance to BUY SOME YARN! Woohoo! the only reason I haven't completely crumbled on this Stashalong is because I have had swap buddies to buy yarn for. The Stashalong been a journey of self discovery. And the first thing I discovered is that I should take the time to read all the rules BEFORE I sign up for an "-along"! LOL!

Also - our project contest for our reading of Woman on the Edge of Time is going along really nicely. I've been happily surprised by the great diversity of projects which the book inspired. And I really enjoy hearing about the reasons why each person chose their project and how it connects to the book. I have no idea how we are going to choose just one winner - all the projects are really that good!

In fact, I like this project challenge/contest so much that we are going to do another one for our March book which will be The Life of Pi. I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with for that book!

In my personal reading I'm continuing to chug along with The Perfect Prince. If you are at all interested in British history I would recommend this book. It doesn't read like a "regular" history book - but in this case that is so much the better. Come to think of it - The Perfect Prince is a mystery book as well. Who Perkin Warbeck really was remains unsolved in my mind - to this point at least!

And last but not least - Whit has a new podcast out in which she has interviewed Jennifer aka Craftylilly! Jennifer (and Whit for that matter!) is a longtime KTC member and super crafter extraordinaire. She is a lady of many talents - go over to her blog and check out her stitchmarkers. Oh - and she was also my buddy for the last KTC swap we did. Hi Jennifer! :)
On the podcast Jennifer reads her poem which was chosen as the winner in a contest over at Laura's blog. Of course Laura was also among our first members of KTC. She is a really talented knitter as well. I'm always amazed at her project loyalty and secretly wish I had less knitting ADD so that I could turn out as many beautiful knits as Laura does. Sigh... :)

I'm so glad Whit joined KTC. Aside from the fact that she's just really cool, she also has mad photoshop skillz and now that she has hit the virtual airwaves with her podcast she is really helping KTC along with it's secret goal - world domination. LOL!


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