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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Are We Ourselves or Alien Heads?

I did it! I overcame my block against blocking and blocked the Alien Head scarf. Maybe I just have to assume that I will only do these things at 2:00 am? Things get crazy at 2:00 am. :)

So tonight, fringing - which I am at bit unsure of because I only have a TINY bit of the green leftover. So I am try to decide if I have enough to include just one green strand in every fringe. If not, it's all black fringe. Which will be fine since this is going to a teenage boy. Teens love black yah know. ;) (Remember your own wearing black phase? You had one, I know you did! Likely drove your parents nuts too.)

Anyhooo - aside from being on the podcast - which earned me a "My Mom is COOL!" from Sir Lancelot - the Alien Head scarf has been the most popular knit with the men in my life. They just can't get over it. I think it is enough like legos, iPods and other mechanical type gadgets to capture their interest. And if you don't "get" that last sentence then you should knit your own illusion scarf & you'll know what I mean.

Continuing with my last post about honesty in naming ourselves, I asked my husband what his nickname would be and he said - prepare for it - The Cobra. I'm pretty sure he's only a teeny bit joking. And now he will KILL me for putting that on the internet. So in fairness I said mine would be The Willowy Goddess/Muse of Pure Wisdom and Supreme Harmony. I try to cover all my bases, ya know? (LOL)

So I hope to have a FO for the Show the FO week by tomorrow. And I also got sucked into another stash type thing:

I got so many horrified reactions when I flashed my stash on my blog that I just couldn't resist giving my obscene stash a wider audience. ;) Last time the horror seemed to be evenly divided between the sheer hugeness of my stash and the compulsive way I have it organized. Let's see what happens next Monday when it goes up on the Mama-E Show Your Stash blog. LOL!


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