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Friday, January 20, 2006

Gift Yarn and Olympic Decisions

Thank goodness for my KTC Classic Romance Swap Buddy - she's a wonderful excuse to buy yarn! The Stashalong prevents me from adding to my own stash - but I'm allowed to grow other people's stash. Like a little escape valve for all the non-yarn buying angst that is building up! So yesterday I bought my buddy some sweet yarn. I can't say who she is --- because she reads this blog, but I can say, "Hi Book Buddy! I hope you like the yarn I bought you." :)

And I made an Olympic decision. I decided to go with the Zen Olympics and join the Eddie Along. I didn't want Marina to have to stage an intervention (LOL) - lord knows she has enough on her mind with that gorgeous Russian River she is knitting! I know Laura joined the Eddie Along too so we will have to be a mini Zen Knitting team together. :) You know, all the OTHER Olympic participants are getting cool team buttons. Like the USA Cable Team, the Fair Isle Team etc. So, hey Margene, can we get a USA Zen Knitting Team button? I have no button skills otherwise I would oblige my own notion! Maybe I will have to talk Whit into joining the Eddie Along so we can get a button out of her. She has mad Photoshop skills! :)

Do some cheering for the USA Zen Knitting Team Ramona!

In a new twist to the Olympic knitting saga, Ramona has created a Olympic Fans section. They will be kickin back and watching the Winter Games - and cheering on the Olympian's both sporty and knitterly. (Although anyone who thinks knitting is a hobby and not a sport needs only to read a few of the blogs this past week as we gear up for the competition! LOL!)


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