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Monday, January 16, 2006

Podcast Debut

So a few days ago my new friend Whit interviewed me for her new knitting podcast About Time. Whit is a member of the KTC knitalong which I co-host. She posted a message saying she would like to interview one of the KTC ladies for her new podcast and I volunteered. I love to talk about knitting and literature and thought it would be great to get to "meet" one of our members.

So Whit called and we had a great time visiting. We have some things in common aside from knitting and she is really easy to talk with. She's just one of those people that you know you like right away and she sounds just like she does on the podcast. :) I love the fact that she is starting up a podcast about knitting - there are only a few out there and I always think the more the merrier. Plus Whit is a smart cookie so I think her podcast is going to turn out great. It was nice to be a part of it!

My family, especially the male members who are a bit more "up" on all this technology stuff, are all really excited to hear me ON THE COMPUTER. Oh, they can hear me talk about knitting any old day but if it is ON THE COMPUTER suddenly it blows their minds. My son just is so excited that he will be able to hear his mom on his iPod.

So after talking to Whit (probably talking her ear off in fact! Poor Whit!) I was on a bit of a knitting high. I even got the new Vogue Knitting in the mail that day - which I was pretty excited about until I looked through it - booooring. But that didn't ruin my knitting buzz. Nope - it was so much fun talking to Whit that nothing could bring me down!

Until the next few days when I started actually thinking about it. And by thinking I mean getting after-the-fact-stage-fright. I started to worry. Did I pronounce things right? Did I giggle too much? Was I maybe just plain boring? Would she even have enough usable material??

Sigh. Well, I'm past the worrying stage now and I have moved on to the resigned-acceptance-of-that-which-we-cannot-change phase. I think I'm a little more comfortable with this state of mind. It's out of my hands how! I just hope the podcast comes out soon so my husband can stop pestering me about it. Funny how he can tune me out when I am sitting next to him on the sofa talking but he CANNOT WAIT to devote all his attention to listening to me talk through his iPod headphones. LOL!

It was nice talkin' to you Whit! :)


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