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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blossom progress

I thought I'd post a picture of the Blossom jacket in progress:

The colors are more vibrant than this photo shows. I have the feeling that Blossom is one of those difficult to photograph yarns. But I am loving knitting with it. I'm definitely going to use it again.

The dogs were helping:

Useful aren't they? I don't know dogs who can take up space on a couch better than they can!

So I was knitting along on my Blossom jacket when it occurred to me - wait a minute - Blossom = flowers = theme in Mrs. Dalloway - the Blossom Jacket could be my project for the Mrs. Dalloway read at KTC! Woohoo! This is also my first (hopefully there will be more than one) Stashalong project. I love it when my projects serve double knitalong duty. :)


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