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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stash Diversion

Wow! I feel so creepily exposed showing everyone my stash.

Am I too organized? Is there really too much yarn? Are people envious or horrified? Do I dare show my knitting around bloggerland ever again? Have I alienated everyone with my mounds of Noro and heaps of Rowan? Or should I boldly proclaim: "I LOVE MY STASH!" I mean, it's obvious that I'm not REALLY ashamed to be such a hoarder - heck I display my goods right out in the open - that closet doesn't even have doors. It's practically a yarn collection, a museum of yarn. It even has it's own room for goodness sake! Agghhh! Too many conflicting emotions! Must divert everyone's attention by pulling out the secret ace I have kept up my sleeve for a few months now...

Hey look over here!!

Cute doggy photos!

Yep - Luca has a brother now. His name is Henry and as you can see they have become best buddies. Iggy's have a high body temp so they usually like to sleep snuggled up together to keep warm. Henry's solution is to just sleep right on top of Luca.

Aren't they cute?? Doggy photos solve everything, right? Right?



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