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Monday, January 02, 2006

Something Red For Tess

Well - here's my project for the Something Red For Tess KAL (actually it's a present for my sister. I had her try it on over the holiday but of course failed to get a picture!). It is the Spiral Shell from Wrap Style in Knit Picks Andean Silk in Cranberry. I thought the yarn was only average but the pattern was very easy and very fast. Unfortunately it also came out too large! I had a wierd paranoia that it would be too small for my sister so I knit a larger size - too large! You can see that it barely stays up. Sorry for the flash that makes it look like I'm not wearing anything underneath - trust me I have on my Napolean Dynamite Liger shirt.

Anyhooo - I have two options at this point. Help me decide which to do. (And no - frogging and re-knitting the whole thing is not one of them - sorry purists!:) ) I am either going to make some twisted or braided cord to thread through the eyelet holes along the top of the design so my sister can tie the thing to any size she wants. It would make a cute sort of skirty thing using this method too. OR I can pick up and knit along the top edge making an inch or so more of ribbing and doing some heavy decreasing - and we are talking heavy here! I would possibly knit a rose to embelish the shoulder with either method.

I'm worried that the tie method would be uncomfortable to wear and that the extra ribbing method would throw the whole look out proportion and look funny.

So - which is the best idea? I need to finish this by February.


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