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Friday, December 23, 2005

It's Podcast Day at OTN

Well - I listened to my first podcasts today. Being over 30 it takes me awhile to catch on to all of these newfangled technological trends - I'm still not quite sure how my iPod works! But since I heard that my online friend Alice did her own podcast I decided it was time for me to make another leap into the strange and scary world of what I call - "computer stuff" and take a listen! Alice's podcast is called Astronomy A Go-Go. It was fun to listen to but here's my warning - Alice has a VERY soothing voice - seriously, she could do yoga meditation podcasts that would be wildly successful - so make sure you are wide awake and alert before you tune in. ;) Maybe the round and round of my simple 2x2 rib sock knitting (the one I'm pretending I didn't cast on for) added to the hypnotic effect. Kudos to Alice!! I will be tuning in next time...

I also listened to three of the podcasts Tim Gunn does for Project Runway. It is interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes things that go on and to get the real scoop on Tim's feelings about the designers. The big news from the podcasts is that Santino's rant/argument with the judges this week actually went on for 90 minutes - not the two they showed. That's NINETY minutes folks, also known as an hour and a half. Now, I support the right of the designers to disagree with the judges and to stand up for their designs - I applaud them for doing so. But for ninety minutes? Tim Gunn said that Santino hurled abuse at the judges and that he thought they were going to have to put Nina Garcia into a witness protection program because of Santino's behavior. I hope the rest of the teams and models who were stuck on the runway with him got to take a pee break, have some latte and a sandwich during that time. You know those models can't stand upright for more than twenty minutes before their blood sugar crashes and they keel over. I know I wouldn't have lasted ninety minutes! After the first ten minutes I would have stopped trying to politely ignore Santino's display of crazy, by twenty I would be muttering rude comments at him, by thirty my stomach would start growling as I began to think I would never get off that runway or see food again, by forty I would be hopping up and down with my legs crossed because I was desperate for a pee, and by fifty I would lose my cool, tell Santino to shut his piehole and pop him in the face on my way to the nearest portajohn!

Santino is a very talented designer but that lingerie collection was HIDEOUS. It was a disaster in every sense of the word. And yet poor Daniel Franco was the one who was out. Granted his designs weren't the most original but they were fairly pretty and mostly functional and his behavior was impeccable. Maybe the judges were too afraid of Santino to vote him off. But I think it is because on reality tv, crazy will kick the nice guys ass every time. Sigh.


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