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Monday, November 28, 2005

Multi Directional Scarf Madness & other knitting news...

Yarn: Kureyon 159 and Kureyon 134 (two skeins each) with about a half skein of each leftover
Needles: Pony Pearls size 9
I liked the Kureyon knit up on the Pony Pearls. I hardly ever use them but they were great for this project. They are super light weight and don't get cold in your hands like metal needles - so they are great for travel knitting in this cold weather! I usually don't like the blunt tips but they worked perfectly well for this project. Using a slightly bigger needle size than normal for the Kureyon also produced a nice spongey fabric that I really liked the feel of - especially for anything around the neck!

Yarn: Manos # 110 (two skeins)
Needles: Pony Pearls # 9
Ditto for all of my comments on the above scarf. :)

Yarn: KFI Kureopatora Plus (4 skiens that I had in my stash for literally ten years)
Needles: Susan Bates Straights # 4
Ok - I got a bit sick of knitting this scarf. It seemed to take forever on the tiny nedles. But I was determined to do some stash busting! Didn't like the yarn much either - not something I would buy nowadays! But I think it looks fairly nice.

Fair Isle Hairband knit in the round
Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in Shade 346 & 350 (1 skein each)
Needles: # 5 16 inch Addi Turbos
Love the Yorkshire Tweed! And wow! Who knew Fair Isle was this easy??? Especially knit in the round. It would be nice to do somethin gon bigger needles though - the size 5's in the 16 inch length seemed small and cramped up my hands a bit. I found that doing Fair Isle with one color in each hand was the best method for me. I knit Continental so it was really a cool novelty to be able to "throw" the yarn that I was carrying in my right hand, English style. :) Maybe after the holiday madness is over I will start the Fair Isle hat kit I bought a few months back....

Spiral Shell by Deborah Newton from Wrap Style
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk in Cranberry (4 skeins)
Needles: Addi Turbo Circs # 8
This was a super easy and very fast knit. I am definitely loving knitting lace in the round - no pearling back every other row and also, this went SO much faster because I wasn't increasing every round and watching the thing grow into a huge beast! I admit I didn't like the Andean Silk too much. It was just too slippery and stretchy. I think it would be difficult to keep gauge on a sweater or something like that. I wouldn't want to try it. I'm not sure how even the stitches would look either. It was fine for lace though, where gauge isn't so critical & you can block out any uneveness. I'm not knocking Knit Picks yarn though - I plan on trying out more of their yarns in the future.

Pictures to follow....

In reading news - I am taking a break from the Romanovs and all of their problems :) and re-reading Persuasion. It is a VERY speedy read though. It only took me three days and I am almost to the end. It's a nice brain break! I will probably not write TOO much on the novel this month but I will be doing plenty of research. I have to fill in some areas before I go any farther in the writing.


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