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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Woohoo! Score!

Loobylu recently posted about an awesome blogger named Jess Hutch who just happens to have recently put out a book of eight really cute & unusual knit toys. When I saw this I jumped on it and bought a copy for myself and one for my lovely and super multi talented knitting guru Karen who is really into knitting toys. I am was always hoping to find a little present for her (just because she's so awesome) so when I saw the booklet I got super excited and in a few clicks snagged a couple. Yay!

Thanks Jess - can't wait for the booklet. :)

**Whoops! I originally had said that I thought Jess was the creator of the knitted zombies but Rain pointed out to me that they were actually created by Hannah. The really brain farty thing is that I actually did know that because I saw them first on Hannah's blog. I think a new toys book AND knitted zombies was just too much excitement for my tiny brain to process all at once. So thanks for pointing out my mistake! I'm actually one of those people who really appreciates it when someone lets me know I've got spinach stuck in my teeth rather than letting me chatter away all day completely unconscious of the fact that I look like a total dork. :)


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