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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dixie Redux

So yesterday I "cleaned up" my sidebar. Yikes - ten projects on the needles!? Two are summer projects which probably won't be touched until next summer. One pair of socks for on the road knitting. Two scarves leftover from the olden days of newbie knitting when I was afraid to knit anything that wasn't straight. A coat and a jacket and three shawls. The three shawls will probably be on there for awhile as well. They are slow knitting. I noticed that so far I have only knit myself a coat, a car jacket and a cardi. Even though I have a "thing" for jackets I really need to knit myself a sweater! So that is the next thing to go on the needles. I have my eye on a simple Jo Sharp sweater but what I will actually cast on or is anybodys guess. I am going to use stash yarn though.

But I can't cast on until I clear out the list a bit. So tonight I picked up the Dixie scarf. I was disgruntled to discover that although I thought I was all finished except for attaching the last icord fringe. In reality I had to knit another half of the scarf! :( So not motived but I slogged in anyway. (I am telling myself I can't start something new and can't buy any yarn until two objects come off the list!) Fortunately I am a much faster knitter now then I was when I began this scarf. A good hour should finish her up. It's on 17's and 11's for goodness sake. (That's part of why I I'm not enjoying this knit as much as I thought I would - big heavy needles are no fun for me.) It is interesting how this scarf is constructed - you cast off the two halves together - is this a three needle bind off?? Whatever it is, it seems pretty easy.

Well well - back to knitting.


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