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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Knitting Like a Hurricane

I've been knitting like mad lately in order to try to finish my Rowan Willow jacket (my Fall Cable KAL project) before the end of my knitting class. I wanted to have supervision to do all of the elements of construction which I haven't attempted before: tacking on pockets, a pocket border, picking up and knitting a collar, and sewing on button bands and making buttonholes. I thought I had done it too! I had all the knitting done and the back piece blocked (steam blocking - also a new thing for me). When I went to block the two front panels.....arggh! I had neglected to reverse the neck shaping for the right side panel. Damn it! I am going to have to take the last ten rows out and reknit them. Not a big deal, but it did mean that I wasn't finished in time to finish up the project for my class. :( Luckily, my very generous teacher has offered to help me out during regular hours. Hooray! Hopefully, I will put a big dent in the finishing by this time next week.

Here's a shot of Willow when it was in progress:

These are the sleeves. The yarn is a bit washed out in these photos unfortunately - the usual problem with the camera flash and dark yarn. :( You can see the small stripe of brown at the cuff. It will be repeated in the collar.

While Willow is busy blocking, I picked up an old project from last fall. Remember Myrtle? I finished the back last year and this week I did one front side and 3/4ths of the other. Wow! My knitting has gotten alot faster since the last time I laid my hands on good old Myrtle. Stockinette just whizzes by these days! My on the needles list on the sidebar is getting embarrassing so I am actually going to try to finish up a few of those projects - starting with Myrtle. :)

Don't let that make you think I have turned over a new leaf though because I also started a new project. :) Blush! I got some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky at the fall sale at the LYS. I had been wanting to do something in this yarn so I got enough to knit a vest for my husband. It is Hurricane from Rowan's Plaid Collection. There are alot of great patterns in that book - gotta love that Kim Hargreaves! But after my intense three weeks of knitting on Willow I wanted a quick project (read - no sleeves and simple construction!). And boy is this quick! I just started it tonight and am 3/4th of the way through the back. I think they should rename the Superchunky and call it Superspeedy instead! The real fun will start when I do the front. I am determined to stick with my non-cable needle cabling method and the Debbie Bliss is decidedly more slippery than the Chunky Tweed. I think I will be fine though. Or maybe that's just the punch drunk optimism of a productive knitting day talking!


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