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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Yes pooling...

No, don't avert your eyes! I realize that pooling is the not so secret bugabear of the knitting world, the one hideous blot on our love affair with vareigated yarns. Pooling is a fact of life. It happens to the best of us. Knitting with a variegated yarn is always an adventure - what will come next? Lovely stripes? Dots? Or the dreaded pooling??

I say it is time to break free from the fear of pooling! Dare I even say...embrace pooling! Learn to love it! It is all part of the beauty of variegated yarn.

Now, I'm not saying pooling is acceptable everywhere. I admit it doesn't look so great over large expanses, particularly on something flat - a shawl for instance. But I think pooling looks just fine on... say... a sock. :)

This is my first full sized finished sock! Hooray! Don't worry, it will shortly be joined by a second sock - it's already on the needles. :) As I was knitting, I saw the yarn starting to pool and realized...I don't care! Heck, with my devil-may-care attitude I seriously doubt the second sock will "match" the first one. Especially since I am not even trying to make it "match"! If I wanted matchy matchy socks I'd buy some. Know what I mean? Call me reckless, but I say, if you wish to conquer your fear and loathing of pooling I suggest making socks.

These socks are: "Conwy" from Knitting on the Road
I am using: "Neon Rainbow" from Over the Rainbow Yarns and size 1 bamboo dpns
I learned: Twining Cable, closing a toe by decreasing (SO disappointed I didn't get to use the Kitchner stitch!)

And it fits!! :)


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