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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

All Wound Up

My arms and back are killing me! I just spent the last two days winding hanks of yarn into center pull balls. Yesterday I wound 15 hanks and today (so far) I have done 11. It was all of the super soft Handpainted Yarn worsted that I fortunately got before the huge craze at KRB wiped the company out of stock! I did this all this without the aid of a swift. I think I have a swift, but it is lost under the mountain of unsorted crap that occupies the center of the floor in my so-called craft room.

Which brings me to the reason for this flurry of crazy yarn activity....

I finally got shelves for the craft room closets!! I got the "platinum" shelves from the Elfa system (available from Container Store's everywhere). Since one closet was ready to go we were able to install the shelves the same day we got them. It was really easy to install & I think the look great. I immediately dragged all of the yarn which was filling up my clothes closet and pilling up in the corners of the bedroom down to the craft room and started sorting it out. Holy crap I have a ton of yarn. The majority - 95% of my stash yarn - is Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon. I had a serious crush on Noro last year and if I saw colors I liked at a good price I bought it. I've also got a couple of bags of Cash Iroha and one of Transitions. I've got a bunch of the Handpainted Yarn - in colors, Lavanda, Mango, Cypress, Oriental Night and Verdes. There's a box of different sock yarns (I start my sock class next week!) and a box of lace weight yarns. Then there are a few bags of Schachenmayr Rainbow in different colors and some Princess, one Katia Dolby, two bags of Lavold Silky Wool, some Gedifra Gigante, Aragona and Posie and lastly some Endless Summer Collection Sonata. These are all the things I consider to be stash yarn because it isn't really earmarked for a particular project. I have about a fourth as much yarn which is "project yarn" which I put in boxes with a copy of the pattern. About half of my project yarn is being actively used.

Ta da! The yarn closet!!

This is about 90% of the yarn I have & I didn't even use the top shelf yet. Now that I think about it, that's not SUCH a huge amount of yarn. I have certainly seen stashes that were much much worse!

In a day or so, when I finish sorting all of the stuff that goes into the first closet we will tackle the second one. That involves some demo of the old wooden shelf, pulling off the wood bracket and then repairing the drywall. Once that dries we can install the second set of Elfa shelves and then I'm home free! I have a table where I can sew and I just need to save up some money for a couch/guestbed, rug and easy chair, some curtains...........okay that's a lot of stuff I still need & alot of money I still need to spend but at least since I already have the table I will be able to use the room. Also, I am really looking forward to getting the rest of this stuff sorted and stored properly.When that is done we will finally have a house that doesn't have a room where all of the random crap tossed in a heap. All of the rooms will be set up! There are still a couple to paint but there won't be any unusable space of jumbled up piles of stuff. What a relief! And maybe I will even find my yarn swift. :)


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