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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Have you discovered your Super Power?

I've always felt that everyone has a talent. Painting, singing, running really fast, tying cherry stems into a knot with your tongue - EVERYONE has something that they have a real talent for. It doesn't have to be something big - just something you really excel at. The thing is - some people manage to discover their talent. Other people never do. Maybe they grew up in the city and never got the chance to ski down a hill, thus discovering that they were actually an ace skier.

In that vein I was wondering, how many people ever discover their Super Powers? A Super Power is different from a talent. A talent is something you can do - it is active. A Super Power just is. For example, I have at least two Super Powers:

1. I look good in any haircut. Long or short. Curly or straight. Messy or formal. Braids, ponytails, waxed, sprayed and au naturelle. You name it, I look good in it. Ask anyone who knows me - they will tell you. I have the strange ability to look good in any hairstyle. This is probably why I am always - ALWAYS - changing my hair. However, wind is my Kryptonite. Wind that seems to leave everyone else's hair unaffected will lift up every single strand of my hair and twirl it around like Dorothy's house in the Wizard of Oz. My hair seems to have some kind of anti-gravity attribute that is triggered by wind.

2. My second Super Power is a little weirder and probably less valuable to me but it is still pretty cool. I have the magical ability to automatically find my place in a book. When I open up a book I have been reading (even if I put the book down days or weeks ago) my eyes will go straight to the place I left off reading. To the exact place. Never fails. It's spooky.

I also have freakishly small wrists and ankles - but I think that is more of a magical attribute than a Super Power. ;)

So, what are your Super Powers? I know everyone has at least one! Fess up, don't be shy - tell us what it is! :)


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