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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Baseball mojo

Why are the O's yankin' my chain?

Really, why?

Melvin Mora pulled his hamstring last night and tonight BJ Surhoff has "side strain" - so both go on the DL. So who do the O's call? Good old David Newhan, who hadn't even had time to report to AAA before they called him back. I'm considering forgiving the O's for sending him down since it is SO OBVIOUS that the baseball gods thought it was a bad idea too. Right now I am with holding true forgiveness because I am fairly certain he will be sent back down soon. But it is nice to know that the baseball gods are on my side. I'm tellin' you - don't mess with me. I have accurately predicted the World Series winner for the past four years (right when I started watching baseball.) It's obvious that I'm no baseball expert, but I totally have the baseball mojo and I'm not afraid to use it.

I'm workin' on a way to take Sammy Sosa out of the game. Give me time....just give me time. (Bwahhhahahaha!)

No knitting news & the vet says the dog has a lymph gland infection. Not cancer which I was worried about. So that's the good news from my day. :)


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