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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pooped Out!

I am so pooped! I went on a cleaning binge today. I cleaned out one section of my sitting room library. I counted and it turns out I took down and dusted 488 books. Took apart the shelves, cleaned them & cleaned behind them. There were serious dust dogs under there! Only problem is that I had to put all of those books back - climbing up and down the step ladder. I also purged about 100 books to take to trade in at the local used book store. So all in all today I moved 588 books around.

That got me to thinking - How many books do I actually have? So I counted the rest of my books. Give or take a few, and not counting craft books (knitting, needlework, quilting etc) I have 1047 books. I probably have at least 200 craft books as well. I hope I never have to move!

After all that bustle it was nice to veg on the couch and watch the Red Sox spank the Yankees. (Or the Spankees as I call them whenever they are getting whooped.) I actually like both teams but if they are playing against eachother I usually root for the Sox. Regardless of who wins it is always good baseball.


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