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Friday, May 13, 2005

Cotton Tape Along knitting # 1

Here's what I've been knitting lately.

I joined the Cotton Tape Knitalong just as I was finishing this:

It is # 30 from the Katia Children's book # 25. This is what it is supposed to look like finished.

I used Idea Jeans in hot pink - about three balls for a size four I think. It is a cotton blend. For some reason I found this tape yarn to be much easier to work with than others I have used. It seemed like it didn't fold up or twist while being knitted as much as most of them do. Here's a close up photo of the stitch pattern.

All of my practice with the Clapotis pattern really paid off on this little tank top. As soon as I started knitting it I realized the bottom was almost the same pattern. :) I think I will add the buttons - maybe purple? - because it gives the project a more finished look.


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