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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I've Been Bad...But It Feels So Good!

Perhaps I was inspired by two sunny days in a row, an inkling of spring weather or perhaps I just lack impulse control - in any event I window shopped at Elann and (of course) ended up snapping up some bargains. I really do have enough winter projects to keep me busy through next year. But I don't have ANY spring or summer projects. Isn't that enough of an excuse to buy this:

It's Schachenmayr Crazy Cotton in Southwest River at only $3.85 a ball! It will become this:

It is from Schachenmayr Nomotta Inspiration No. 75, which of course I also ordered. Finally a summer tank type top that I will actually wear! Woohoo! I love the colors of the Crazy Cotton and was tempted to get more - but I did manage some restraint and only got one. Total of $38 for the yarn and $13 for the pattern book. I am betting that yarn will be almost sold out in about two weeks. That's what happened with the yarn I used for the Red Scarf Project. I knew it was too good to last....

I also got some Endless Summer Collection Sonata in Capri Blue to make that Tiger Swallowtail Shawl from Needle Beetle. Only $1.98 a ball! A $21 shawl! I am amazed.

In actual work progressing news - I have held off on finishing the last sleeve for York. I like to have another pattern in progress before I finish the one I have been working on - that way I don't stall out or get confused by the vast and colorful array of projects and yarn and become unable to choose just one. (Don't point out the WIP I already have on my list - It's not THAT long!) So I started the Aran Hat for my Black Water Abbey KAL. Got about 12 rows into it when I realized I wasn't liking it. Nothing wrong with the yarn, nothing wrong with the pattern - just don't like the two together. It seems like the small (in my universe size 6 needles feel small!) needle size and the weight of the yarn was combining to flatten the texture I was supposed to be getting from the cables. Add the dark color of the yarn and the fact that - being newish to cables, I think I knit them a bit on the tight side and you come up with blah. Just blah. There's literally nothing to see there. So I put it away for now and I'm trying to work myself up the drive to either do about 12 more rows to see if getting the larger picture helps any (and risk having to frog even more work) or if I should just order a lighter color of the yarn.

The good news is I found a needle to use and have rediscovered my love affair with Clapotis. (See I actually DO work on my WIP!) I think the new stitch markers I got from Seahorse Designs probably helped a bit. :) You can find her work on Ebay or at Seahorse-Designs.com. (Do I get anything for my endorsement?) ;) I have purchased about 6 sets of markers from her and have been a happy camper every time. These new ones are a citrus yellow which looks really great against the deep green of the Clapotis.

I have some kid free time so I'm going to actually knit now! :)


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