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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

York Along moving along....a bit

I put the York sweater on the back burner as soon as we started painting again. I haven't worked on it in at least a week. Mary is cooking right along with hers - in beautiful blues (which is just what I would have used for this sweater if I were knitting it for myself!). She was kind enough to help me out (between Duran Duran concerts!) when I got confused about some of the pattern instructions. This taught me two lessons: the first is that it is always useful to have a knitting buddy to turn to in times of confusion, the second is not to try to read patterns while hopped up on Benedryl! Thanks Mary!

Here's a photo of my progress so far:

I'm up to the armhole on the right front side. I was trying to hurry it along so that I could get my mother to show me how to do seams while she is in town but what with the detour into painting hell I'm pretty sure that won't happen. So I will either end up putting all the pieces in a bag and waiting until mom's next visit or attempting to do it myself - which I am convinced will lead to disaster. I think the incident with the knitted pig I tried to seam has scarred me for life...........


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