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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

On the Needles Philosophy 101

I am a person who needs variety. It's not that I lack commitment and focus, I just need stimulation! I could never choose just one pattern, just one type of yarn and then sit down and knit only on that from start to finish. No matter how wonderful the project was I would soon find my mind wandering into greener pastures....How about that lovely handpainted yarn I saw? Maybe I should tackle that crazy pattern I think I will never be able to understand.... So much yarn...so many patterns...so little time! Yet with all this stimulation you must strive for balance. For every yin there must be a yang, so here is my philosophy of knitting or" How to keep yourself sane & motivated & plugging along to knitting victory!"

On the needles you should always have:
One project that is small and one project that is large.
One project that is quick and one that will take forever.
One project with "plain" yarn and one with crazy yarn.
One project using a simple stitch or pattern and one with a complex stitch or pattern.
One project that is a gift and one that is for yourself.

For instance - I am currently working on the Myrtle coat: huge project, takes for ever, plain yarn, simple pattern & for myself. In contrast there is the spiral patterned hat which is small and quick and intended as a gift. If I feel like a challenge I pick up the Gedifra sweater - incomprehensible pattern and completely insane yarn but knit on huge needles so quick to knit if you can actually figure out the directions and of course it is for myself because no one else wants to dress like a yeti. When I tire of the beastly chapello, I soothe myself with the elegance of the Clapotis - plain but luxurious yarn, fun pattern, and intended as a gift.

Unfortunately I haven't yet worked out a philosophy for blocking and seaming..........When I work that out I will probably have reached the ultimate level of nirvana!


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