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Monday, February 21, 2005

Jane Eyre is a trouble maker

I finished the back of the Myrtle coat a few days ago. It was a welcome relief to be able to switch over to moss stitch for the top section - I had just about had it with stocking stitch! I loved the moss stitch in the Shinano yarn. Shinano is a bit stiff, lots of vegetable matter in it too. The stiffness works well with moss stitch though because you can really feel the texture. Changing over to moss stitch gave me enough of a lift to power me through the first half of the left front before I ran out of steam. I was plugging away when I suddenly felt as if I would either scream or fall asleep if I knitted another row of stocking stitch! I packed it up quick and put it on the back burner..........it would be a serious pity if I hated the coat by the time it was finished! :)

So I am knitting away on the Gedifra scarf in Byzanz. It is the exact opposite of Shinano. Felty and soft with the glam bit of metal thread through the middle to appeal to my closet girly side. My dear hubby and I are fully exploiting the long weekend to spend some quality knitting time together. Yep - you heard right - my hubby knits with me! Jealous? You should be. :) Knitting is really just one of his bonus good qualities. :) Of course if he attempts to raid my stash all bets are off...........Anyhow, he is a beginning knitter. My mother taught him last year and he was hooked right away just like the rest of us. He knit a few "easy" things in garter stitch and now he has branched out & is working on the Pia scarf from Rowan Big Just Got Bigger - in two colors too. So there we were, both knitting away watching a dvd of Jane Eyre (oh yeah - he watches period dramas with me too - isn't he GREAT!!) when we both discovered that we had each messed up our knitting. Damn that proposal scene!!! Who can concentrate during that? But I thought it did create a certain symmetry...isn't there some saying about couples in harmony mirroring each other?

In other news - one of the local craft stores was having a midnight madness sale. 25% off everything in the store! They carry Gedifra yarn so I ran down there and loaded up. I got some more Byzanz to make another scarf for a relative. I will really take any excuse to work with this yarn! The only problem with the craft store is that they rarely have more than ten skeins of any of the higher end yarns available at any one time so I knew I wasn't going to be able to get enough of any Gedifra to make a sweater. I did pick up some Tagliato that I plan on using to make the cable vest on page 75 of the Holiday 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting International. I also liked the shrug by the same designer on page 74 so I picked up some Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Navy for that. I think the cables will look nice and chunky.

Still waiting for the Mango to finish my sister's Clapotis. I got the shipping notice though so it should be here soon. As soon as that one is cast off I will be starting the Clapotis for my mom. I will be knitting on that pattern for a long time.............


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