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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Epic Painting Begins Again

Well - knitting will be on the back burner for awhile. I pitched a minor fit about the current state of our unfinished house so we are off and running again. We did tons of work around here before Christmas and completely burnt ourselves out. Took two and a half months off until I couldn't stand the blank white hallway anymore. So poor hubby was off to Home Depot to buy some more paint and (deep breath) here we go again! This time it feels infinitely worse because we are at a point where we can no longer just do a room here or there. It's the domino effect. If we do this bit then we have to do this bit etc etc.
This time it is the guest/craft room to start with. We are painting it for the second time (long story) which unfortunately means that we are painting a dreamy light blue (Celestia Blue to be exact) over a very dark forest green. The good news is that we have been working on this house long enough to become near experts in the art of painting. We have primer and we know how to use it. We've got the first coat up and it looks great. Tomorrow second coat and hopefully first coat of the trim. Won't it be lovely when I have an actual room just for my yarn and other crafty bits? That's what I keep reminding myself anyway....

After the craft room is finished (at least painting wise - it's going to take some money to buy furniture & shelves to really finish that room - sigh!) then the real pain starts. The plan is to attack the stairway and work our way down through the entryway, family room and a small nook area. Walls will become Pumpkin Butter - which is a great terra cottaish color which we have used for part of another room in the house and the trim will be our good old standby Mission Brown. It's going to take forever...............it's seriously daunting to think about it but it has to be done. All of these rooms are so connected that they have to be done all together. I may be really sick of Pumpkin Butter by the end of this. On the bright side, the main floor will finally be all finished painting wise - other than a small bathroom and a laundry room. Of course someday soon we will need to remodel the kitchen...............arrrggghhh!

This is life when you try to "move up" in the world. We bought the crappiest house in the coolest neighborhood we could find. Seriously the old owners had not done anything to improve the house in about 20 years. Other than install truly heinous carpeting and put up gynecologist's office wallpaper that is. When we moved in we had to redo EVERYTHING. We stripped the house down and now we are about halfway through rebuilding it. It must have been a smart move because according to the government - who wants our tax money - our original investment has almost doubled in a very short period of time. I'll tell you though - there is nothing like renovating a house (on a do it yourself budget) whilst holding down jobs and raising kids to test a marriage! Poor hubby must rue the day when he married a woman with more "vision" than sense!

In knitting news - my sister loved her Clapotis and has promised to get me a photo of herself wearing it. She said she had been longing for a new pashmina and that the Clapotis had fulfilled her wish. I guess that is a testament to how soft that yarn is!

I also whipped through the latest basketweave hat and finished the Byzanz scarf. Photos to come - someday!


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