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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pullover hoodie progress

The pullover hoodie is moving right along. Here's a photo of my progress a few days ago:

Of course my faithful Lukie was keeping me company while I knit and sleepily posed for this picture.

I'm a lot further along now. I have started the contrasting stripe and am ready to do the armhole shaping. I lost about a day's worth of knitting when I had to frog back about 13 rows and redo them because I had misread the pattern! Arrgghh! I really need to learn my lesson about knitting when I'm super tired. I am a Katia addict now. I ordered several of their pattern books because I think they are written so well. They also tend to use unusual effects that you don't find as much with other designers - like dropped stitches, combining knitting and crocheting, and embroidering on top of knitting. I wish it were a little easier to find some of their yarns in the US. If anyone has a great source drop me a line!


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