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Monday, May 23, 2005

Finally an Update

I've been quiet for awhile - mostly because I've had a bad cold that started out in my sinuses and has now decided to settle in my chest. So lots of hacking coughs and nastiness. I finally caved in and went to the doctor today because I've had bronchitis before and that was no fun. Also - strep throat has been going around my sons school so I thought I'd better get tested. I swear - is strep throat ever NOT going around my kids school? I think they ought to issue all clear alerts or maybe have a viral terror alert color code - green for nasty phlegmmy things, red for chicken pox, polka dots for head lice etc. Don't you think it's time to have a color code warning system that actually works? Anyhow - no strep throat so that's good & I am actually feeling better today.

In the meantime - I got my blocking board. It seemed like an appropriately easy on the brain knitting activity so I dove right in and started blocking the little pink tank that I did for the Cotton Tape Along.

I hope I'm doing it right! I discovered that despite repeated measuring while it was on the needles the tank pieces are just the teeniest bit off gauge. Like about 1/4 inch total. I also altered the proportions a bit while knitting, making the top part with the seed stitch a bit longer and the drop stitch area a bit shorter. Shouldn't have affected the overall size though. As I was pinning I began to realize that there was no way that two packages of pins was going to be enough. Why did I think that would be enough?? I'm pretty sure I was feverish when I placed the order but still! So, I only got the front section pinned. As soon as I get a chance I will head over to the LYS and pick up some more pins - probably all they have in stock! :)

Here are the pieces for the Papillon pullover. It is the next to go on the block.

I think blocking will do wonders for this yarn because it does look a bit messy as is.

In other news: I am co-hosting the Knit the Classics with Amanda. She was nice enough to invite me to help out and I am really excited to get started. We begin on June 1st with a reading of Middlemarch by George Elliot. Everyone will be knitting the pattern of their choice, sharing their progress and talking about the novel. Come and join us!


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