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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baseball again & hardly any knitting

The O's lost to the Sox tonight when they totally shouldn't have. David Newhan got to first on a hustle, stole second and finally made a run to break the 3-3 score in the 9th. Then the Sox are up - get two men on and have David Ortiz up with two men out. Bottom of the 9th. Clutch situation. If you are the O's what do you do? Well, you do NOT pitch to David Ortiz. Not when you have a lefty pitching (Ortiz loves to hit lefties), not when you only need one out and Manny Ramirez is up (his numbers are worse right now than Ortiz), not when you are only one run ahead in the bottom of the ninth (Ortiz is famous for the walk off home run - how the hell do you think the Sox beat the Yankees to get to the World Series?). So of course the O's pitch to him with the expected results. Pitching to Ortiz was even stupider than leaving Ponson in yesterday. Face it O's Ponson is at BEST a 5 inning pitcher. He WILL fall apart if you leave him in any longer than that. Arrgghh! I hate it when games are lost through stupidity. Oh well - the series went 2-2 so it neither team came out the worse or the better for it. But the O's need to play smarter when they are only two games up in the standings. At least the Nats won.

In knitting news - I took photos of my lace in progress & will post them ASAP.

Knit the Classics is really rocking along! We have over 30 members now. I'm so surprised (but really happy!) that so many people are interested in reading the classics. I'm having a great time finding historical and background information for the current novel Middlemarch. Research is one thing I really love to do. (I'm a geek okay?) I have always had the curiosity to "find things out" and it is nice to be able to share with other enthusiastic people. :)


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