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Friday, July 15, 2005

Box Lace Shawl Progress

Here's the latest pic of my progress on my box lace shawl:

I have about 11 repeats out of a total of 26 finished - so I am approaching the halfway mark. Hooray! I was starting to wonder though if I was going to run out of yarn! A quick set of calculations convinced me I may need up to 5 more skeins. Of course my LYS where I had bought the yarn in the first place was out of that color. So I hopped onto the internet, looked up the Jamieson's stockists and sent an SOS out to all of the stores that had websites. I was thinking there was a possibility that i wouldn't be able to find any more of this yarn - after all I needed to match the color AND the dye lot. I had no idea how old this dye lot was and also I found out that Jamieson's is in the process of "reformatting" their yarns - switching the hank sizes. So I was feeling a bit gloomy about my prospects. Imagine how happy I was when I got back no less than five replies saying they had my yarn in the correct dye lot! I had replies from Canada, California, Wisconsin and I think Rhode Island! Made my day! :) How awesome is the internet? How huge would my phone bill have been if I had to do this yarn search the old fashioned way? I bought up all the yarn I could & have already received two shipments and the yarn is perfect. :)

Here is a detail of the pattern repeat:

I have also started my Leaf Lace Shawl. Love it so far!


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