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Monday, September 26, 2005

Another Quilt from my "Collection"

Tons of knitting going on around here but I can't find the cable to download the pictures off of my camera so I will save the knitting news for later.

For now, here's another one of the quilts from my "collection".

It is Amish and all hand quilted. It is signed and dated as well. I'm not sure of the name of this star pattern - I think maybe the Kansas Star?? Can't remember.

I'm not as fond of this quilt as I am of the Lone Star quilt. The Lone Star is better quality overall and the colors are really fabulous. The Kansas Star is more subdued - in fact my favorite feature on this quilt is the creamy white print used as the background fabric.

I am really attracted to the star pattern for quilts. I like the large central motif better than the more busy, and perhaps more folksy looking overall motif's (such as Wedding Ring, Log Cabin etc.) although I do have examples of those types of patterns in my collection as well. I think I have six king sized quilts and probably six twin sized. In the past I bought about a quilt a year - but I didn't get to Pennsylvania this year so no new quilt! Just as well for my pocket book!! No matter how many I have, if I see one that is really special I just can't resist. :)


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