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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moss Stitch....

...is making me dizzy. I finished the knitting on Hurricane (two days total! Speedy knit!) and while it is patiently waiting to blocked, I went back to knitting Myrtle. I'm on the sleeves right now & they are done totally in moss stitch. I like moss stitch but all that back and forth, back and forth, back and forth is making my eyes cross! I've got the body finished although I had to go back and re-knit the top of one of the sides because I had skipped the armhole shaping and went right to the straight knitting followed by the neck shaping. Between this and my similar brain fart on Willow I am starting to wonder if this is a trend? I frogged and re-knit the Myrtle but Willow is still in a time out. My goal is to get the sleeves finished before I start another project. Do you think I can do it? I probably can....except for the fact that the Mango Moon recycled sari silk sweater kit that I bought at the LYS last weekend is staring at me.....I have been wanting to try the sari silk for a long time. All the skeins I had felt were very scratchy though so I held off until I saw the Mango Moon kit. I'm pretty sure they must wash these skeins prior to sale because they are really soft. But I am determined to finish something old off the on the needles list - so on I plow with the dizzying Myrtle.

Tomorrow - if I'm in the mood! - I will hopefully get some blocking done. I'm starting to get a back log with bits and pieces of Willow, and Hurricane waiting patiently to be put together.

I also picked up York from the finisher at the LYS. It came out looking nicer then I had imagined it would. I'm so critical of my own work! I think the sweater could have done to have been a bit longer though. I may have to knit a bit extra onto the end. Photos to follow.....


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