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Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Favorite Classic Book Swap

I arranged a My Favorite Classic book swap over at Knit the Classics recently... Please believe me - I didn't purposely assign myself the best buddy for the gift exchange - it was merely a coincidence that I got Alice F. ! And what a great buddy she was/is! I was having a bit of a grouchy day yesterday so it was a nice surprise to get a package in the mail. I had so much fun running the gift swap that I forgot I would be getting one as well.

Alice gets an A for presentation. She even went to the trouble of wrapping the books in snowman paper! :) She sent me some Dove bars (in dark chocolate because somehow she knew I am a dark choclate kind of gal!) and some lovely tea - some Earl Grey (which my hubby will hog!) and some Strawberry Green tea which I can't wait to try because I love green tea. I also got one of those tea ball infuser thingys because somehow Alice knew I had been thinking I wished I had one lately. Seriously - Alice - are you psychic? :) I also got some nice smelly candles which went straight into my candle stash (not just a yarn stash around here!) for the power losses I'm sure will be coming my way this winter. I will be knitting comfortably by candlelight. :)

All of this and I hadn't even unwrapped my book yet! And when I did - what did I find? Not one, but two books! Alice sent Persuasion by Jane Austen (which I have read a few times & LOVE & yes I do already have a copy but it is paperback & dog-eared & I was VERY excited to get a hardback copy!) and also Tea with Jane Austen. How I wish I could have tea with Jane Austen...! Alice also marked her favorite passages in Persuasion which I thought was very cool. :)

But wait! There's more! Alice sent me...Knit The Classics STAMPS! Actual postage stamps!! How cool is that?! I can't believe she went to all that trouble! They are so cool I am having trouble thinking of someone worthy of a letter with a KTC stamp on it - there certainly won't be going on the bills!

Thanks so much Alice - my grouchy day was made sunshiney by your thoughtfulness. I am going to love reading Persuasion again. :)


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