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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...

Since I refuse to go to the Mall anywhere near the Christmas holidays (flashbacks of being jostled and smashed by crazed hordes of shoppers whilst heavily pregnant prevent me from enjoying the Mall at holiday time) - soooo...since I won't go to the Mall it's a Very Merry Online Shopping Christmas around here. I'm proud to say that near 100% of the gifts I am giving this year were bought online - at lower prices then I could get at a "real" store and usually for free shipping. The rest of the presents were handmade by me - with a pretty large percentage of online purchased yarn!

The natural consequences of all of this online shopping are lots and lots of packages coming to my door.

The other day my son saw me carrying three huge packages upstairs and said, "Oooh, is that Christmas stuff OR MORE PACKAGES OF YARN?"

He is so accustomed to big packages arriving and disappearing into my craft room hoard that even the Christmas package deluge looks pretty much like what is normally going on around here. I'm so busted....

**Ok - I admit it. One of the packages WAS more yarn. But it's okay because it was GIFT yarn for a GIFT which I have already dutifully knitted up. And I didn't even sneak in any OTHER yarn with the GIFT yarn which I think is pretty well behaved of me. :)


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