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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Look

So - here it is....the new look On the Needles. How do you like it?

I was (obviously) inspired by the conjunction of the picture of Grand Duchess Anastasia knitting, my recent (and ongoing) experience of writing a historical novel about the Romanovs and my love of history in general. I think the new look is ultra-girly which is a little strange for me but I do like the colors & they sort of fit with the history of the Anastasia photo because she is knitting on the piano bench in her mother Alexandra's famous Mauve Room. I wanted something that hinted at the histroy behind the photo but wasn't matchy matchy.

Anyhow - let me know what you think. It is an ongoing process...

And thanks to my sweet hubby for all the blogging help. :)


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