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Friday, December 23, 2005

Again with the massive needles!

Episode Two of the Knit One Purl Two shows I have seen. In this episode Edith Eig attempts to teach Tracey Gold and two other unidentified celebs how to knit a baby jacket. Again she uses the massive needles and three strands of worsted weight yarn (Silk Garden) held together. Why must we persist with the idea that learning on huge needles is easier? It surely is not easier to learn while trying to deal with three strands of yarn - as if you can't find a nice bulky weight to work with?? Maybe she was stuck on the Silk Garden for some (product placement) reason.

At least she did mention that you should do your increase & decrease one stitch in from the edge in order to make seaming easier. That is useful info for a new knitter. But again with the 'orrible camera angles. I couldn't see ANY of the increases she demonstrated - her hands were in the way the whole time. The demonstration of the three needle bind off for the shoulder was fairly visible but again hampered by now having three massive needles in her hand at the same time. Is Edith's theory here with the huge needles that she is making the stitches MORE visible by making them bigger? I don't know because the hands, and the needles are mostly in the way - if we can't see the stitches on camera it doesn't matter how big they are! She also showed picking up stitches for a collar. But never showed WHERE you insert the needle, WHAT to pick up. I remember this being quite confusing the first time I tried it. Everyone understands the concept of picking up a stitch but WHAT to pick up is not very obvious - especially to a new knitter.

This show gets a D.


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