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Monday, January 02, 2006


Sooooo...Stashalong. Alright - deep breath. In the spirit of the whole painful enterprise I decided to go ahead and "document" my stash. Besides - Kim has already been by my blog so I know she's checking up on me! ;) So here it is people - this is what were dealing with here....

My Wall of Shame/Glory - My stash!

Ok - my weak defense is that at least 75% of this yarn was actually bought for a specific project. The rest is mostly sock or lace yarn or leftovers from finished projects.

I'm not going to name everything but the major highlights are:
Top Row: Some grey Brown Sheep Co wool that was for a project that I just couldn't make work with that yarn - so that is a "homeless yarn" good stash along candidate. There is also some Green Mountain Spinnery that is projectless but that's a cotton & I'm not really sure if I even like it. It's a great yarn, I'm just finding out I'm not much of a cotton person. The Colinette, Cascade and Rowanspun are all spoken for but the new Cherry Tree Hill I got is looking for a project. The Colinette is supposed to be a wacky garter stitch scarf which I could do but I think I will be scarved out after my Harry Potter-a-thon.

Okay next row down: All Noro and all spoken for. I could knit that jacket out of Blossom I've been wanting to do.

Third row down: More Rowanspun, some Summer Tweed, some Cork, tons of Silky Wool hiding in the back :) - all spoken for too. There is some hand dyed worsted from OTR that has no project but I don't really even have any vague ideas for that yet. I probably won't use any of these yarns during the Stashalong. Silky Wool and Summer Tweed seem wrong season and I'm just not in the mood for the others.

Fourth row down: there's tons of Gedifra on this shelf - all spoken for - two huge coats and two sweaters. There's some Kureyon which I got specially for gift knitting hats and such. Some Rowan Plaid which I am already using (see sidebar) and two boxes of odds and ends. I might dive into those boxes for a hat of something. There's also some Felted Tweed which I probably won't work with right now - too lightweight.

Fifth row down: Two boxes of lace yarn, two sock yarn, some Recycled Silk, three boxes of Malabrigo (that I got when it was cheap yay!), a Fair Isle hat kit, some Rowanspun DK and a box of odds and ends. I have no project in mind for the Rowanspun but I am more likely to use the Recycled Silk. I've been thinking of making some purses.

So - that's most of my stash. There's some Biggy Print and some Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky, some more Blossom and Cash Iroha that is sitting on the floor. They are for a sweater for my hubby, a celtic poncho and a sweater for my daughter.

I also ordered (under the wire!) the yarn I will need to make my nephew's birthday present which will be the Alien Illusion scarf from SnB. I also ordered some yarn to make a Skull Illusion scarf as well.

So what will I be knitting in the next three months? Well - everything already on the sidebar I hope! I have to finish up the Tess project for my sister, several Harry Potter scarves, the Alien Illusion and Skull Illusion scarves, and something for another friend who has a birthday coming up in February. He wants a hat but I haven't chosen the pattern yet so I have no idea what that will be! I also REALLY want to get my Myrtle and Willow out of finishing mode and on my back so I can finally wear something that I made for myself!

Ok - I am now prepared for Stashalong!

***This just in***
I've already made some progress on getting rid of some stash! My hubby wanted to knit an Ipod sock so I gave him some yarn, and some more yarn until finally I just said. "Do you just want to have a mini-stash of your own?" I ended up getting rid of at least ten skeins! This counts right? The stash has moved out of my stash-space and is being knit by another knitter...that counts...it must count! :) I was careful to only give hubby enough yarn that he could fit into his closet. Just because he has a stash doesn't mean he's getting any of my stash-space!! LOL!


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