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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Need Some Classic Knitting Inspiration?

Then check out the Victoria and Albert Museum's site where they show off some of their holdings, offer a space where you can share photos of your own knitting (they're making a virtual knitting museum!). There are free patterns - check out the knitting insanity from the 1940's! - knitting booklists, some blogs, how to videos..... A great site from an awesome museum. If you ever have the chance to visit the V&A - run, don't walk, to this great museum!

And look who I "met" yesterday? Christy and her two Italian Greyhounds, Callie and Merc. Knitting mom's of Iggy's are an elite group - the only other one I know of is of course Cari with her Iggy's Diego and Luna. I'm crazy in love with this breed of dogs so whenever I meet another Iggy owner I get excited! And a knitting Iggy owner - all the better! In fact, I confess I discovered the world o knitting blogs because I was surfing around the web looking for Italian Greyhounds and stumbled across Cari's website. I instantly thought - IG's - knitting - cool blog - I want one too! - and pestered my hubby until he set one up for me. (Ah... the olden days when I didn't know how to do anything bloggy on the computer - at least now I am halfway blog-literate!). Ok - one more doggy photo & then I will (temporarily) stop my Iggy raving. :)

PS - I'm happy to know that my apparently seriously huge stash has gotten some of you (Jenn) off the hook with your hubby. Glad to be of service! :)

And yes, Ramona, my stash is always that organized! It's the only reason I get away with having so much I think!

And I agree Ina, I want Stash Pride button. Now who will make us one?....

Jackie - you are welcome to come over and and roll around in my stash anytime. As long as you put it all back in it's current pristine condition! LOL!


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