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Friday, January 13, 2006

Wanna be a Knitting Jedi?

Hell yes I do! My son would be so impressed - "Look sweetie, I'm using the force to create cables and bobbles! I bet even Mace Windu couldn't yarn over like this! Check out my Continental style battle action! Woohoo! Watch me battle this Merino sock yarn! I'm going to turn this heel away from the Dark Side! Yeah - take that Darth Vader! I can even knit in the dark now! How about that? Who's your daddy now Luke?? Watch this....sweetie? Sweetie? Hmm...where'd he go? Hmmm... too wierd I am. Frighten my children I do...

If you want to become a knitting Jedi follow this link....just please, use your awesome powers for good!


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