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Sunday, January 15, 2006

And the winner is.....

I had so much fun reading your false memories of me! Apparently, I have a drinking problem that I had forgotten about: Jennifer reminded me of a binge I went on in Paris, and I'm pretty sure Jenn's memory of the time at knit camp involved some alcohol! Miriam's depiction of a drunken me at a SnB was probably close to what would really happen if I combined knitting & drinking! And Nancy - while I would love to go to Nepal, I would never dare to try to drink a sherpa under the tent. Alcohol does weird things to me at high altitudes. ;)

I also seem to have a strange predilection for sheep. Stephanie imagined us as sort of a super hero Stephanie's team of sheep wielding yarn store terrorists. Probably because she knows about my craft room mascot who is a sheep named Walter. Go check out the cute sheep she has been knitting. Amanda tried to bring a cow into the mix with disastrous results!

I actually think Melanie's idea about sending a swift on a galactic journey is a good one. As is Whit's idea of an underwater knitting/felting class.

But the false memory I would most like to actually have was Laura's! I love baseball and hockey is a close second (but only watching it live - it's boring on tv) so an extended tour watching farm team play would be an awesome time for me. So, Laura - if you ever schedule that tour I'm there! I'm not sure if my husband would trust me out there on the loose with all those sweaty ballplayers though! ;) There was some drinking in this false memory - (I had to look up what a Gewurztraminer was!) - but the alcohol consumption seemed much more gentle than what the rest of you expected of me! LOL!

So the winner is Laura. She will be getting a copy of:

and a copy of:

Thanks for playing everyone. You gave me a lot of laughs.


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