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Thursday, January 19, 2006

KAL News

So, in the past few days:

I finally cast off the Harry Potter scarf. I wove in all the ends and now I just have to block it and put on the fringe. I was originally thinking that I would give this to one of my children's schools for their auction - now...I'm not so sure I ever want to knit another one. They are just so HUGE! I kind of hate knitting scarves anyway and this thing is the mother of all scarves. Knitting a scarf is ok until it gets to the point where you are flipping super long piece of knitting back and forth every five seconds. It gets all tangly. It's a pain having to fuss with that. So - since I think I may never knit another one I'm not so sure about giving it up. My kids school's are going to have to get something else. Maybe an illusion scarf. Those things are fast, easy, lighter weight to work and pretty damn cool.

I worked the Blossom jacket up to the point where I had to divide for the sleeves. Then I left off so I could take it to class and get help with that. I think I understand the idea but I may as well wait until I have confirmation from another knitter. I still feel pretty dubious about the success of this project, It is driving me CRAZY that I don't have any Addi Turbos in the 7 mm range. The USA number is #10.75 and #10.87. At the LYS they keep telling me that it won't make any difference but I'm not so sure. And with the circular construction of this jacket there is no real way to tell if it is working until it is done and I try it on! I'm afraid the collar will be too small, that it will sag or bulge across the back & a whole host of other things....I really hope this does work out because the yarn is SO pretty AND it won't take kindly to frogging. :(

That left me with "nothing to knit" (we won't even go there - you ALL know the feeling of nothing to knit despite the huge stash!). Luckily, the last bit of yarn that will be arriving at my house until after the Stashalong (sob!) is over, came the next day. This is the yarn for the Alien Head Illusion Scarf from SnB that I am knitting for my nephew for his birthday. (I am also using it as my project for the book KTC will be reading next month "Woman on the Edge of Time" - needed something futuristic). Ordered the yarn right under the wire before Stashalong! So, I started the scarf and I have to say it is pretty cool. I've got to get a picture of it - as soon as I have one Alien head totally complete. I've always been fascinated by those little illusion cards - you know, the ones with the strange corrugated surface where if you look at it one way it looks like one thing and you tilt it and then it looks like another thing. For instance I had one as a kid that had Mowgli and Balloo doing different dance moves. Totally awesome. LOVE those things. Geek - I know. Anyhow, it is SO cool that you can actually do that WITH KNITTING! Woohoo! Honestly, I don't know why everyone isn't knitting Illusion scarves.

Hopefully pictures next time....


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