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Friday, January 27, 2006

Frogging and Seaming? With a Smile?

Well - I don't know what has gotten into me.

First off - I frogged the Blossom jacket without a single qualm. Sometimes when I knit something - spend all that time working on a project - well, it just kills me when I have to rip it out. Not this one. It was that ugly.

I have swatched the Blossom for Eloise. I think I am going to end up having to go down two needle sizes to get gauge. I'm sort of waiting for my extra hanks to arrive before plunging into the deep end on this one. Also - I think seaming with Blossom is going to be a bitch to say the least - so I am thinking about ways to make the fronts together with back instead of in three pieces. I also think I want the cardi to be a few inches longer. So....that all calls for some brain work which I don't feel very capable of right now. I think I need back up on this one. :) It may have to wait until March when I can get back into my knitting class.

Second - I actually picked up Myrtle. What? You've never heard of Myrtle? That's because she has been languishing in pieces on the the sidebar for months and months now. Well, I picked her up and started seaming. I did the shoulders and *gasp* set in my first sleeve. And I must say it looks pretty darn good. I MAY even finish the rest of the seaming some time soon - you know while the good endorphins are still fresh!

I've still got to block and fringe the Alien Heads. It's the blocking part that is getting in the way of completion. I honestly have almost nowhere to block something in this house - at least not anything large or long. We have hardwood floors everywhere. The only carpet I could pin anything to is in a "high traffic zone" and between kids and dogs I am dubious about the survival of anything I might try to block there. That leaves me thinking I need to do my blocking at night (less traffic) and hope things will be dry by morning time. But I think we all know just how much I feel like getting down on my hands and knees and putting umpteen pins into something at the end of a long day. Zero motivation there. Luckily, the Alien Heads are a gift which means I will be forced to do the work soon. Otherwise they might slip into obscurity on the sidebar like poor old Myrtle.

In the meantime, I'm not finishing up the second sock of the pair of socks I'm not working on. And it's not because I really want to cast on for another pair with some stash yarn... Sigh. I guess will have to face reality someday soon and rip out the wonky foot on my second Conwy sock. It think it needs to go all the way back to the heel flap. And I just really hated knitting those teeny twisted cables the first time around..... But if I finish the second sock of the pair I'm not working on right now then I will be able to put the Conwy socks aside without the shame of thinking I have the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome). Then it will just be an issue of not really enjoying the pattern, and not an indication that I am an ADD type knitter who can't finish things.

My "problem" is that I am a process knitter. I just want to knit. It really is okay with me that I have several projects that are all finished, just waiting and waiting to be put together. It's really only the sense of guilt that occasionally attacks me that makes me "finish" anything at all. Even my motivation to actually get to wear something I knit is really not enough to push me through into the finishing phase. I keep waiting for the day when the seaming bug will hit me and I dive into the unfinished pile like a madwoman. I also keep reminding myself that I could designate one day a week for seaming. Like Seaming Sunday. It could be a cute little weekly segment for the blog... "Welcome to Seaming Sunday, today we are working on the sweater we finished knitting two years ago"....Yeah - boring!!

Weird thing is I totally don't mind weaving in the ends.

Does anyone else have a part of the "process" which just seems (or seams!) like a chore?


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