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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blossom Jacket Wilting...... :(

Here's the latest photo of the Blossom Jacket. Today I finished the rest of the knitting on the circular part so I could try it on - sticking my arms through the holes. Which I did and....I hated it. It is NOT going to look flattering on me. Too much collar bunching up at the back of the neck - not enough to cover the chest - flaring out at the back right over the butt and hips thus greatly enlarging them - armholes humongus - yuck yuck yuck. My enthusiasm for the Blossom Jacket has wilted. Oh well - I always knew that trying this pattern was a big risk.


All is not lost because I still love the yarn. So it is heading for a gentle frogging. If it still looks alright I will knit it up into the plan B project which is:

Eloise from Noro Knits.

I have already started the search for the two extra skeins which I will need in order to knit this pattern. I don't know if this violates the Stashalong or not - I kind think maybe I should get extra points for knitting the same yarn twice. What do you think?


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