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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm still here....

Sorry for the lack of posting lately - I hope you haven't all forgotten about me. I've just had one of those weeks that happen every now and then when you've got kids and work and not enough time... :( I'm pooped out.

Anyhoo - there has been some knitting going on. I took the first half of my socks on circs class. Who knew it was so easy? I think I'm going to like this technique. I'm all about the Addi's so anything I can do on then I will. I'm pretty sure it's much faster then DPN's as well. The only thing I can see that might be less satisfactory so far is the possibility of laddering stitches between the two needles. We'll see how it looks when it's off the needles. I have the second half of the class next week and I'm interested to see how picking up stitches at the gusset is handled.

I've also knit quite a bit on the Warm the World charity blanket. I sometimes wonder where my head is at when I decide on these projects. What am I doing trying to knit lace in acrylic? Will it even hold a blocking? I sort of doubt it. Also, Lace + Olympics = Tinking. I actually haven't had too much of a problem with mistakes - but much more than I would have if I didn't keep pausing to see what the athletes are doing. Why couldn't I have chosen a nice basketweave pattern and called it a day? I mean, this is a blanket for charity, not a family heirloom in the making. Why do I always have to get fancy with things? Sigh. I think it's a fear of boredom. If I choose something simple I'm afraid I won't finish because it gets boring quickly. Oh well... Hubby insists that the lace pattern looks nice even without the blocking so I guess it's all good. I haven't knit every day of the Olympics so far though, my hands have been feeling sore. Probably because of the abrupt changes in the weather we've been having. From 60 degrees to over a foot of snow and back again all in a week. Global warming anyone???

I also have some people I need to thank!! Whit sent me this lovely bunch of goodies as part of the Romance Swap we did over at KTC. She sent: some cotton yarn for making dishcloths and a pattern book to go with it, the Yarn Harlot book, a book thong (love those! I really wanted one!), some chocolates (which didn't make it into the photo because I took them to my class to share with the other knitters), and the book Rebecca (I think I have read this before but it was a long time ago so it will be good to read it again. I love both of the film versions too - Joan Fontaine is just fab & Emilia Fox is not so bad either.) But the best thing of all was a crocheted flower pin! Love it! Thanks so much Whit! You're a great book swap buddy and even better new friend. :)

I also unexpectedly got a package from Karen for participating in the Show Your FO week. There was some Knit Picks sock yarn inside. Thanks Karen! Sock yarn is always welcome in my house. :) Especially now that I'm rocking TWO sock knitting techniques. LOL! I had no idea I was getting anything, I think Karen was just being sweet. So everybody go over and visit her blog and be sweet right back at her. She happens to be working on some socks on circs right now too.

Speaking of recent FO's - the nephew really loved the Alien scarf. He called me to say thank you and we ended up actually having a pretty long and animated conversation. If any of you know or have a fourteen year old boy then you know how inarticulate they can be sometimes, especially on the phone. Often conversations on the phone with the nephew are a bit like pulling teeth. I guess chatting with your auntie is not so cool. Sigh. It's funny because in person he's totally different - easy to talk with, has plenty of ideas and opinions of his own, but on the phone...not so much. So I guess this is a good example of the effect a handknit gift can have. :) It's encouraging.

Come back tomorrow when I hope to have photos for you of the serious damage I did during the Stashalong free day...It's pure Rowan gluttony!


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