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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Socks and a hubby that rocks

This info is making the rounds of knitting blogs like wildfire. But if you haven't heard, Blue Moon is starting a sock knitting club - involving getting new colors of Socks That Rock before they are available to the public. If you are addicted to STR or just wish you were then this is the club for you. You can read all about it here.

And speaking of socks....

A few weeks ago hubby delivered one of those unforgettable knitting moments.

He asked me what I was working on in my knitting.

I told him I was finishing up a sock and if I finished it I was going to immediately cast on for the next one.

He said, "Yeah, because you don't want to get Second Sock Syndrome."

I about spit my drink through my nose. Hubby has officially joined us on the dark side! He has read enough knitting blogs, listened to enough knitting chatter at the LYS, and involved himself enough in my knitting life to have picked up the lingo. He gets full technical points for using the phrase in the appropriate situation and extra style points for the casual delivery and lack of mocking or irony. Gold medal for hubby!


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